Food Research Lab

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Driving food innovation

From concept to Commercialization


Food Research Lab is a pilot R&D Lab for food, with our diverse background and expertise, we blend culinary and scientific expertise to drive food forward. We evaluate new ingredients, formulations and processes on a small scale. We collaborate with restaurants and food companies, from small start-ups to global corporation, either as an advisor or an external research and development

Recipe & Menu Development


Menu & Recipe Development & Standardization from ideation and dish development for Restaurants and start-up’s

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New Product Development


Whether you’re a large, mature food company or just starting up, we can partner with you to realize your ideas and bring your products to market.

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New Process Development


Whether you’re looking for alternative for sugar, increase protein, or extend shelf life or improve production consistency, we’re here to help.

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Our Works


Breakfast Cereals

One of the new product ideas was formulation of healthy breakfast cereal exclusively for weight loss was created by our client. We assisted the client for market research, recipe standardization, pilot testing and consumer testing including sensory analysis and consumer tasting. The product was appreciated and accepted.


Nutrition Labeling

We designed the labelling for newly launch of breakfast cereal that has medium glycemic index and high fibre. The label was designed considering the US FDA guidelines. We also considered the color and coding while designing. The label was appreciated by our client.


Health Claim

We created claims based on evidence-based guidelines. We have followed the guidelines provided by the Advertisement Regulatory Authority of India, and other international regulatory and government bodies. Label claim related to low fat, high fibre, low calorie, no cholesterol is designed in such way that it enables the community to identify the product easily.


Recipe Standardization

We standardized recipes for one of the well-reputed restaurants. Standardization was done for recipes to ensure the consistency that the same type and quantity of ingredients are used each time the product is prepared. Our standardization helped clients and it enabled them to predict the food costs, control labour cost thereby can meet their financial goals.


Protein Based Drink

A client, based from Canada, approached us to develop a drink based on legume. Its reverse engineering where based on competitor’s product, and our own research we came up with protein powder and shake to stop muscle deterioration handing the elderly more strength and mobility. It was well appreciated by the client.


Let our experience save your time-and money.

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