Food Prototype Services

Food Prototype Services

Food Prototype


Prototyping is the key process in developing a new product to ensure a structured approach for both start-ups and established industries. Creating new products is exciting, but it affects a company’s daily routine. So, we “Food Research Lab” help you in developing the prototype aligning your ideas and requirements.

Step 1:


Our first priority is to know the client well and their requirements. So, we meet the client face-to-face or virtually to discuss the fundamental requirements, such as expected product outcome, targeted geographical region, and mandatory product aspects. As the information will be processed by our experts and Food Research Lab will explore the possible techniques and ingredients that suit the client’s requirement.


Step 2:


Using our expert’s knowledge and research, we will provide recommendations about the product and its working procedure. Further, we outline the benefits and balance of taste and nutrients by narrowing the possibilities and keeping the client’s options open.


Step 3:


After documentation of recommended specifications, Food Research Lab will define the product, base ingredients and the process towards the end product. A breakdown of the ingredients and its composition, nutritional data and claims confirmation will be provided.


Step 4:

Proof of concept

At this point, we are ready with the prototype to test and examine the recipe by considering its color, taste and texture of the food sample. A sample will be prepared, and the process will be explained to the client by our experts.


Step 5:

Batch testing for market research

Every new product needs a consumer review before it reaches the market. Likewise, a recipe will undergo market research, and we believe it is a valuable step before moving a prototype to final production.

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