Non-dairy based new Product Development

Non-dairy based new Product Development

Non-dairy based new Product Development


Non-dairy based new Product Development

Our Services Include

Ingredient Supply

At FRL through Partnered services, we offer a wide range of its own, unique raw materials. Our team work hard to provide the latest ingredients

  • Functionally superior ingredients
  • Raw materials from qualified and certified supplier
  • Product traceability and technical information
  • Fairtrade certified ingredients

Food Research Laboratory supports you in the successful development of non-dairy based product development to clinical trial efficacy.

Formulation and Development Services

  • An in-house team of capable of formulating new concept development for product innovation considering bioavailability, regulatory compliance, safety green source, efficacy, cost effectiveness, water solubility, organoleptic, and storage form.
  • Technology for already existing product.
  • Substantiation of therapeutic health claims, and structure/function claims as per the product technology, process and nutritional evaluation
  • Nutrient based claims to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • R&D Trial and pilot production for lab-scale sampling and product testing for further nutritional evaluation.

Shelf-Life, Nutritional, Microbiology and Texture Evaluation

  • At food research laboratory, uses different heat treatments depending on the product such as pasteurization, in-container sterilization, ultra-high-pressure homogenization temperature treatment, pulsed electric field processing, high intensity pulsed electric fields, radio-frequency flash heating.
  • To improve off-flavour various technologies and processes will be carried out.
  • Inactivation /removal of inhibitors
  • Blending for nutritional balance and improvement in sensory acceptability
  • Fortification of plant-based milk
  • Evaluation of protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fibres, calcium, iron and vitamin A
  • Labeling and marketing requirements
  • Ensure our non-dairy milk-based formulation follows the following standards such as temperature maintained at 45 ⁰F or & 7 ⁰C or less. Bacterial limits no greater than 20,000 per mL and coliform not exceed 10 per mL

Our Product Range Of Flavours

Type of non-dairy milk with functional compound Non-dairy based probiotic products
Hemp (Omega-3 fatty acid) Oat based drink
Sesame (Lignan) Fruit juice
Hazelnut (Catechin) Grains, beans and seeds
Coconut (Lauric acid, Vitamin E) Soya beans
Almond (α-tocopherol, arabinose) Sparkling lemon and ginger drink
Soy (Isoflavones, phytosterols) + enriched with calcium Fermented fruit drink with oatmeal
Quinoa (Manganese, Phosphorus) Beets-based drinks
Rice (Phytosterols) Tomato-based drinks
Oat (beta glucan) Many dried fruits
Soy Yoghurt Cranberry, pineapple and orange juices
Tiger nut milk Ginger juice
Sesame milk Grape and passion fruit juices
Peanut milk Cabbage juices
Lupin milk fortified with methionine Probiotic banana puree
Cow pea Malt based drinks
Sunflower Boza
Melon seed milk Starch saccharified probiotic drink
Quinoa milk
Multi-grain milk

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