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Food Research Industry
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What We Do

Our pilot plant contract research lab provides bespoke formulation, testing, blending, and packaging services for various food and nutritional products. Our mission is to spark ideas that will move our clients forward. We aim to provide one-stop solutions to all food, beverage and nutraceuticals. Our prime focus is on Food, Beverage and nutraceuticals. By utilizing our expert professionals and pilot plant manufacturing facilities, We can provide our services at the highest level. We have partnered with numerous iconic global brands to bring about food research and development excellence. So what are you waiting for? Dive into our world of food solutions and services. Your innovation starts here.

Our Areas

We cover a broad range of services, sectors, industries and applications.


Natural Flavors

Fruit Wines & Ciders

Not from Concentrates Juices

Fruit Sweetness


Juices and Nectars

Fruit Juice Drinks

Water Plus

Sports Drinks

Energy Drinks

Functional Herbal Drinks

Tea & Coffee

Fruit Wine & SECCO

Speciality formulation

Treatment of Photomelanosis and Photo Tanning

Treatment of Pigmentation-related disorders like melasma or freckles

Rhytide reduction


Fat loss


Maintenance of Skin tone and clarity of complexion

Sugar replacers