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Rheology and Oral Processing

Rheology and Oral Processing


The essential part of food product development process is to understand the behaviour of food while eating. To have a clear understanding and to develop a perfect product, you should know the relationship between ingredient functionality and optimization of taste, flavour and texture.


Rheology is the study of deformation and the flow of matter, primarily; it can be liquid, solids and soft solids. It helps us understand the process of food break down; surrounding rheological properties includes, gelling, texture and viscosity.


Oral processing

Oral science is the process of mastication helps us understand the changes in rheological properties and food microstructure. This understanding allows us to model food for a specific population and optimize flavour, texture and taste along with sensory evaluation.

Food Research Lab have a range of viscometers, rheometer and texture analyzer, which can contribute to generating rheological data and can also be interpreted the mechanism of food breakdown during mastication in the mouth. The distribution of the key ingredients during the breakdown of food will complement the rheological data with the help of a microscope. This will also help and influence consumers buying power.

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