Label assessments and checks

Label assessments and checks

Label assessments and checks

Attractive and descriptive labelling along with the relevant regulatory guidelines is very much important before introducing the food and beverages into the market. Food Research Lab’s multilingual team with regulatory experts can guide you to overcome the complexity of food labelling guidelines around the globe by navigating the subtle differences between regions and provinces. Food Research Lab offers comprehensive labelling assessment and individual artwork checks that covers more than 20 different languages and meeting over 100 territories regulatory requirements.

Bespoke projects

  • Pragmatic recommendations considering the entire regulatory environment
  • Claims advise and dossier development
  • Future landscape assessment – how will the regulation change impact your business?

Artwork compliance

  • Artwork compliance reviews from £125 per artwork*
  • Artwork compliance and translation
  • Formulation and specification reviews
  • Allergen and additive reviews
  • Label layout
  • Naming conventions
  • Existence of mandatory items such as date, storage instructions, place of origin
  • Nutrition labelling
  • Claims and descriptions
  • Weights and measures (labelling aspects)
  • Other labelling aspects covered by national legislation in the target market

Why Food Research Lab?

  • Leading industry in Food and Beverage regulatory consultancy
  • Delivered by specialist regulatory consultants with a regional focus
  • 20+ languages in-house

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