Finding a Manufacturer

Finding a pilot plant

Finding a Manufacturer


Once the client confirms the prototype and interested to scale-up for full production, it’s time for us to find a manufacturer. Finding the right manufacturing partner not only helps you with product production, but it will also add great value to the process. Food Research Lab have extensive experience in finding the right manufacturer for the right project, and we offer a service to find one for our client.

The suitable food manufacturer:


In the market, there were lots of food manufacturers available who have their own set of benefits and experience in food product production. Identifying a suitable manufacturer takes time, and it should be a step-by-step narrowing process. During this phase, we have to question our self that Can the manufacturer be able to scale-up the production? Will they meet my requirements within the costing model? Will they agree to a non-disclosure agreement? Do they have accreditations?

Finding a manufacturer:


If you avail Food Research Lab’s service in finding a manufacturing partner, We can help you identify and select manufacture and assist you in preparation and accompany you for meetings with suitable partners and act as your technical team

Step 1: Our team will create a list of the company based on the requirements by using our expert’s experience and networking contacts to identify a partner.


Step 2: Food Research Lab will review the shortlisted list and give you the detailed explanation with the option for you to choose.


Step 3: Our experts will assist you with the future process as well includes finding suitable suppliers, inviting suppliers for a meeting, prepare you for the meeting, help you explain the manufacturing process and concerns. Alternatively, Food Research Lab can act as your food technologist


Step 4: Moving a product from small scale production to the factory level production, it is mandatory to test the sample and refine the recipe until it reaches full production. There will be some modification and Food Research Lab’s experts can help you with batch testing and sampling to ensure the product end product.

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