Multi-grain with high protein bread Enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids



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The Challenge

What Our client required?

Wheat free and gluten-free bread with a high nutritive value

Assignment:Development of a multi-grain bread enriched with omega 3 fatty acids.

What did we do?


Solution: Food technologists at the Food Research Lab developed a multigrain bread for weight management and chronic diseases like diabetes. The multigrain bread was developed based on whole-grain cereals, traditional ancient millets and pseudocereals (e.g. quinoa, buckwheat), protein isolates along with novel and functional ingredients to increase its pharmaceutical value.

The texture profile analysis was acceptable. Compared to the bread available in the market, the formulated was an excellent source of fibre, protein, and Omega3 fatty acids.Our formulated bread complies with food labelling requirements for the nutrient content claim of “High in Protein”, “Protein-Rich ” and “Excellent source of protein”.

The claim requires that the finished product contains at least 20% protein per reference amount customarily consumer per eating occasion (RACC) or 10-gram protein per serving of 50g of the product (the Title 21, Part 101, Subpart D of the Code of Federal Regulations, established the specific requirements for nutrient content claims).


  • Customer Focussed – Ingredient (Enriched Raw material), Nutrients, Nutraceutical Formulation
  • Evaluation of shelf stability, microbiology, nutrition Analyses, Sensory Testing Rheological properties, and more
  • Customer-commissioned production – delivery in one batch with full shelf life