Chocolate with novel ingredients formulation

Chocolate with novel ingredients formulation

Chocolate with novel ingredients formulation


Chocolate with novel ingredients formulation

Health Conscious (probiotic) and Shelf life Stable.

Within the European Union (EU), shelf-life is now a legal term. It is defined as “the period of time under defined storage, after manufacture or packing, for which a food product will remain safe and be fit for use”.

Assignment:  Formulation of probiotic chocolate with novel ingredients

Microbial deterioration of spicy green chilli sauce is of major concern. Any growth of moulds in spicy green chilli sauce results in changes in the organoleptic and microbiological changes which lead to spoilage.

Solution: Probiotic foods provide several health benefits as they help in maintaining a good balance of the composition of intestinal flora and increase the resistance against the invasion of pathogens (enhancement of the immune system), reduction of serum cholesterol level and blood pressure.

In fact, chocolate embedded probiotics have shown the survival rate of probiotic bacteria with three times higher than in the milk and yoghurt. However, development of such a product is highly challenging as several factors affect their quality. Keeping this in mind, our food technologists developed a bar of dark chocolate incorporating Lactobacillus Spp and evaluated its nutritional, sensory and shelf life. Our newly formulated product has an extent of 107 to 108 CFU/g during 12-month storage compared to probiotic formulation using milk or yoghurt.

Our food technologists gave an attempt to add a different combination of natural ingredients to extend the shelf life of chocolate product such as Inolens 12, carnosic acid and antioxidant-based.

Customer Focussed – Ingredient (Enriched Raw material), Nutrients, Nutraceutical Formulation

Evaluation of shelf stability, microbiology, nutrition Analyses, Sensory Testing Rheological properties, and more

customer-commissioned production  – delivery in one batch with full shelf life

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