Our executive leadership team has more than a decade of expertise in the healthcare and nutrition fields.


Dr. Radhika R.D., Ph.D.

R&D Director

Radhika Ganesan, Chief Operating Officer, Pepgra is a multifaceted personality with varied interests. She juggles multiple roles with equal ease and finesse. A Harvard alumnus with vast experience in strategic operations, human resources, management and food technology, she has her eyes firmly set on the goal. As the COO, she is responsible for spearheading the varied divisions of Pepgra while ensuring the goals of each division are met.

Her strength lies in her resilience, where she anticipates changes in the market and prepares the organization to tackle any changes head-on. She believes that “Failure to anticipate any impending changes within the market environment can destroy all that you have worked for”As a thorough professional, she drives operations with her innate instinct for overcoming any potential challenges, and as an individual, she believes in fostering a work culture with her employees, duly supported by a robust organizational structure. She inspires the best amongst each of her employees, who look up to her for guidance and direction.

Striving for excellence, she consistently endeavours to provide bespoke customer experience through quality and value additions.