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Sensory Evaluation

Sensory Evaluation

It is a scientific method to analyse and interpret the smell, sight, taste, touch response to a food product, and our trained experts will provide you with the analytical methods to perfect your product.

In a competitive market situation, every product needs to be improved in testing the product with state of the art technique. Sensory evaluation can be used for new recipe development, quality control, product improvement and Food Research Lab can offer you sensory evaluation service for descriptive and discrimination tests.


Descriptive methods

  • Quantitative Descriptive Analysis
  • Consensus Profiling
  • Flash Profiling
  • Free Sorting
  • Free Choice Profiling
  • Napping
  • Polarized Sensory Positioning
  • Time Intensity
  • Temporal Dominance of Sensations
  • Progressive Profiling

Discrimination methods

  • Triangle Testing
  • Tetrad Test
  • The difference from Control Paired Comparison
  • Duo Trio Testing
  • “A” “not A” test
  • Attribute Ranking Test

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