New Preserves Development

Biscuit, Cookies and Breads formulation

Changing consumers preferences on products and cautions selection of preserves increasing each day, and it is forecasted to go high. The impact of growing consumers health consciousness and preferring organic ingredients as natural preservatives are driving the market. To meet such trends, experts at the food research lab, ready to support you with services like formulation, sample development, feasibility, and recipe optimization. While developing a healthy preserves product, our food experts keep in mind that ingredients are Generally Recognized as safe (GRAS).

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Are you creating a brand-new product or reverse engineer existing brand or a product? Our in-house, preserves product development experts understand each element on the value matrix, use outstanding technical knowledge, cutting-edge technology, organic ingredients, and clean label. Food Research Lab focuses on addressing consumers concerned with health and wellness, and we make sure your new preserves product becomes a success in the market.


Our product development options include

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Our product development options include

  • Sports drinks and energy drinks – Energy drink with caffeine and more natural ingredients like guarana and taurine
  • Cognitive health beverages- Health drink with antioxidant-rich botanicals like green tea, yerba mate, and adaptogenic herbs deep-rooted in ancient traditions like holy basil, ginseng, and Schisandra. Health beverage supplements include amino acids like acetyl-L-carnitine, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, choline, omega-3 DHA, and medium-chain triglycerides for a mental boost. Lion’s mane mushroom, synapse, temple turmeric, resveratrol, blueberry anthocyanins, bacopa, teacrine, metta also been used to promote cognitive health
  • Fortification: use of pre-and postbiotics
  • Fortified waters – Add minerals, vitamin C, and D, calcium or weight loss ingredients like Hoodia
  • Healthy beverages – Exotic juices like acai, pomegranate, guarana, capuacu, noni, monkfruit and stevia are popular natural sweeteners
  • Healthy beverages – Gluten-free, a non-GMO organic drink containing non-artificial sweeteners and no refined sugars.
  • Whey Protein drinks – Contain antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, omega 3s, chlorella, spirulina and /or a when protein isolate.
  • Ready to Drink (RTD) iced teas, coffees and lemonades – use organic certified tea products for herbal white, green or black tea concentrates
  • Coconut water – perfect for hydration and rich in electrolytes and potassium
  • Less sweet carbonated soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic mixers
  • Private label drinks