Functional Food & Nutraceutical Product Development

  • Food Research Lab can be your Functional/Nutraceutical food products development and scale-up partner, starting from the primary feasibility testing of your initial concept to the finished product in your hands.
  • We combine a unique range of health components and functional incorporating technologies with well-equipped formulation laboratories managed by technical teams with excellent scientific knowledge.
  • We apply reverse pharmacology for developing functional foods/herbal supplements and nutraceutical food products for health.
Functional Food & Nutraceutical
  • Functional and nutraceutical lipids: Omega-3 fatty acids, MUFA, MCF acids and triacylglycerol’s, CLA, Diacylglycerol oils, structural lipids
  • Functional plant ingredients: Soy extracts, plant sterols and stanols, beta-glucan and inulin
  • Dairy ingredients: functional dairy products, galactooligosaccharides, lactulose
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and antioxidants products
  • Microalgae based functional lipids
  • Functional foods for the brain that boost the immune system, phytosterols, neurodegenerative, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

At Food Research Lab, we give significance to the following aspects to develop a successful functional food product or a nutraceutical product;

  • The purity and sustainability of components.
  • Scientific evidence of effectiveness.
  • Guarantee of product quality.
  • The comfort and convenience of the formulation.
Functional Food & Nutraceutical Product Development
Functional Food & Nutraceutical Product

Global regulatory authorities are rigorously scrutinizing the quality, safety, and efficacy of nutraceutical components and final products. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious in buying nutraceutical and functional food products, and more people are turning to herbal supplements for their health. Top nutraceutical companies in India and across the globe are coming up with innovative health supplements and dietary supplements, and the market keeps growing at a good pace.

The Food Research lab uses its years of research & Nutraceutical product development, positioning itself as a reliable worldwide nutraceutical and functional food product development partner, assisting customers in reducing project risk and accelerating time to market.

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