Functional food and Nutraceuticals Product Development

Functional food and Nutraceuticals Product Development

Functional Food and Nutraceuticals Product Development


Functional Food and Nutraceuticals Product Development

Our Services Include

Ingredient Supply

At FRL through Partnered services, we offer a wide range of its own, unique raw materials. Our team work hard to provide the latest nutraceutical and functional ingredients.

  • Functionally superior ingredients
  • Raw materials from qualified and certified nutraceutical supplier
  • Product traceability and technical information
  • Fairtrade certified ingredients.

Food Research Laboratory supports you in the successful development of natural health products, functional food, dietary food supplements and nutraceuticals from product to development to clinical trial efficacy.

Formulation and Development Services

  • An in-house team of capable of formulating new concept development for product innovation by looking at the following elements: a) Dosage/format, e.g. capsule or tablet? a liquid or powder b) colour, c) flavour d) texture e) optimal absorption
  • Technology for already existing product, e.g. extraction of curcumin from Turmeric, Flaxseed oil, Extraction of the bioactive component from Ragi etc.
  • Substantiation of therapeutic health claims, and structure/function claims as per the product technology, process and nutritional evaluation
  • At FRL, we support both in-vitro and animal studies with GLP certified laboratories to determine the efficacy and safety of your product
  • Design and realization of tailor-made clinical trials to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • R&D Trial and pilot production for lab-scale sampling and product testing for further nutritional evaluation.
  • Supplements also produced in a variety of ways including, capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, lotions, gels and more.

Our product Range of Flavours

Branded Ingredients Botanical Extracts Speciality Ingredients
Certified Organic Plants & Fruit powders Fenugreek seed extract Chlorella
Lycopene Garcinia extract
Spirulina Mushroom
Pomegranate extract Enzymes
Quercetin Minerals
Lutein Maca
Acerola cherry extract Omega 3 powder
Curcumin Extract
Flaxseed Extract
Anthocyanin powder

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