Sauces, Wet Salads, Dips and Salsas Product Development

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Sauces, Wet Salads, Dips and Salsas Product Development


Sauces, Wet Salads, Dips And Salsas Product Development

Our Services Include

Formulation and Development Services

  • An in-house team of capable of formulating new concept development from fresh-cut products (e.g. shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, salad mixed (raw vegetable salads), peeled baby carrots, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, cut celery stalks, shredded cabbage, cut melon, sliced pineapple, and sectioned grapefruit) to sauces and dips. These fresh foods have been processed (Act. Section 201(gg) of the FDA Act) according to the shelf life requirement.

The dip segment and wet salad industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. However, the concern of this segment is to provide safer all-natural products with extended quality and shelf-life without heat or preservatives. Food Research Laboratory supports you in the product development of sauces, wet salads, dips and salsas.

  • FRL technologists develop a product with the proper acidity (pH), and an environment free of growth inhibitors and the proper atmosphere. We use varied technology depending on the client requirement from retorted to the use of high-pressure processing technology (HPP). We also optimize for organoleptic properties because of the positive effect on food components such as hydrocolloids and proteins. The resulted product are the reduction of syneresis, better mouth-feel and an improved viscosity.
  • Substantiation of therapeutic health claims, and structure/function claims as per the product technology, process and nutritional evaluation
  • Nutrient to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • R&D Trial and pilot production for lab-scale sampling and product testing for further nutritional evaluation.

Our Product Range Of Flavours

Wet Salads Guacamole, Salsas and other condiments Dips Sauces
Macaroni salad with vegetables (shelf life of more than 40 days) Guacamole Canned Tomato Sauce
Potato and chicken salads Hummus Catsup
Many more Salsa Chilli Sauce
Sour Cream Dips Cocktail Sauce
Spinach dips Gravy and Broth
Artichoke Parmesan Pasta `Sauces `
7 layer dip Mayonnaise (With and without Egg)
Buffalo Chicken Dip Vegetable Sandwich Mayonnaise
Crab Dip Soya Sauce
Shrimp Dip Hot Sauce
Bean Dip Barbecue sauce
Fruit Dip Garlic Sauce
Pate Egg Plant Pepper Sauce
Pumpkin Dip Chimichurri Sauce
Spinach Dip Adobe Honey Sauce
Cheese Dip and spreads Worcester sauce

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