Ready-to-Eat Breakfast cereal-based products Development

Ready-to-Eat Breakfast cereal-based products Development

Ready-to-Eat Breakfast cereal-based products Development


Ready-to-Eat Breakfast cereal-based products Development

Our Services Include

Formulation and Development Services

An in-house team of capable of formulating beverages based on client requirements and this includes bottled water, bulk

  • At FRL, with Twin Screw Extruder technology (Hot pressed – both for lab trial and batch production), we could be able to provide you with the cereals of your choice.
  • With Twin Screw Extruder, we could be able to try out new ideas, assess ingredients, provide test marketing samples and production batches up to 1 tonne per month or 80kg per day and train for staff. Cereal manufacturers seeking to maximize the product flexibility extrusion can offer need facilities without tying up their own busy production lines.

The breakfast based wholegrain cereal market is estimated to grow phenomenally due to increasing demand for convenience food and growing health consciousness. The adoption of healthy ingredients as part of breakfast cereals is increasingly witnessing such as gluten-free cereals, non-GMO, functional ingredients such as collage and choline, and superfoods such as seeds, nuts and berries, along with new grains such as wheatgrass kernza. At food research laboratory, we assist our clients in developing / formulating different types of breakfast cereals.

  • Our food scientists at FRL use a wide range of ingredients such as the wheat kernel, barley, oat, amaranth, quinoa, corn, soy, oat germ, psyllium husk, corn, We evaluate the shelf life of RTE breakfast cereals, by analysing appearance, flavour/off-flavour, texture- crispiness, moisture content, and vitamins and minerals.
  • We offer consultation on packing and co-packing for ready-to-eat breakfast cereals include printed paperboard cartons, protective liners, and the necessary adhesives such as for shredded wheat and hot cereals while most others need to be packed in waterproof and airtight plastic bags.
  • Nutrient based health claims to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • R&D Trial and pilot production for lab-scale sampling and product testing for further nutritional evaluation

Our Product Range Of Flavours

Flaked Gun-Oven puffed Indirect expanded
Traditional flakes using traditional corn, wheat, bran or multigrain flakes made using FRL’s TSE. Our coating system further adds variety through glazing Extruded gun-puffed cereals Multi-layer Shredded squares made of wheat, or rice, or corn
Extruded cereals and flakes Co-extruded
Corn flakes, multigrain rings, alphabet shapes and cocoa curls With a variety of fillings such as chocolates, fruit pastes, or cream
Granola Sheeted Weetabix-like bars
With fruits, nuts, seeds or other addition. Oven puffed cereals

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