Ice-cream, and Frozen Yoghurt, based products Development

Ice-cream, and Frozen Yoghurt, based products Development

Ice-cream, and Frozen Yoghurt, based products Development


Ice-cream, and Frozen Yoghurt, based products Development

Our Services Include

Formulation and Development Services

  • An in-house team of capable of formulating ice-cream targeting different age group, gender and disease condition.
  • We use a wide range of dairy and non-dairy ingredients, along with sweetening agents, to formulate the ice-cream
  • Our food scientists at FRL also expert in developing probiotic ice-cream based on Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Bifidobacteria species
  • We enhance the shelf life of ice-cream by using natural antioxidants

Managing the shelf-life of ice-cream and the related product is challenging. At food research laboratory, we assist our clients in developing / formulating different types of ice-cream

  • We use varied processing technology to formulate ice-creams considering multiple elements pasteurization, body/texture, colour, flavour, and regulatory considerations.
  • Ice creams will be formulated as ready to eat frozen or as a ready-to-mix dry powder that can be reconstituted
  • Nutrient based health claims to substantiate health claims for your products.
  • R&D Trial and pilot production for lab-scale sampling and product testing for further nutritional evaluation.

Our Product Range Of Flavours

Branded Ingredients Botanical Extracts Speciality Ingredients
Probiotic ice-cream Enrichment of ice-cream with pre-biotics from citrus fibre, apple fibre, wheat fibre, oat fibre, wheat dextrin, polydextrose, oligofructose, Inulin, Moulded ice cream
Low fat ice-cream Pomegranate peel extract-based ice-cream Extruded ice cream
No added sugar ice-cream Grape-seed extract ice-cream Cocoa flavoured soymilk ice cream
Fruit-based ice-cream Peppermint essential oil ice-cream ice-cream with vegetable milk
Frozen yoghurt with fruits and /vegetables Herbal tea ice-cream ice-cream enriched with spirulina powder
Water ice and juices Grape wine lees ice-cream Cocoa flavoured soymilk ice-cream
Sherbet Kiwi fruit juice ice-cream ice-cream incorporating kinnow peel
Gelato Persimmon ice-cream ice-cream blend of cow milk and tiger nut
Persimmon puree ice-cream
Amla based ice-cream

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