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Pepgra helps you remove more obstacles to patient involvement by starting trial design preparation sooner and bringing together the relevant knowledge, technology, and protocols. We can improve patient engagement, recruitment, and retention, obtain better data, decrease timelines and risk, and give more patients the voice – and, ultimately, the therapies – they deserve by working together. We encourage the development of novel new medications that will benefit people’ health. Pepgra Healthcare is a therapeutic services company that helps life science and biopharmaceutical companies throughout the world turn scientific discoveries into novel medications. Our therapeutic, technological, and functional capacity is anchored by a genuine belief in what we do, from clinical trials to regulatory and advisory services to commercial and market access.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Coronary heart disease, angina, heart attack, congenital heart disease, and stroke are all examples of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Despite recent advances in CVD prevention and treatment, it remains the largest cause of mortality globally, particularly in wealthy nations. Pepgra’s Healthcare undertakes a variety of research to learn more about the causes of cardiovascular disease and how to avoid it. The huge scale of these studies helps to guarantee that they give a better knowledge of disease causes and how to employ medicines appropriately.

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Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the leading causes of premature mortality and disability across the world. Pepgra Healthcare is looking into novel approaches to monitor, diagnose, and treat hypertension in primary care, as well as boosting patient engagement through self-monitoring and self-management. Our study focuses on hypertension in pregnancy, which can pose dangers to both the mother and the infant. Our study aims to build an evidence basis that can be used to update clinical recommendations, allowing hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide better treatment to people with hypertension.

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Through our financing programmes, we support diabetes research initiatives as well as training and career development for diabetes researchers. Diabetes research studies are delivered by us. We encourage the establishment and implementation of this study in public health and social care contexts. Our research infrastructure also helps partners support their research by providing expertise, partnerships, and facilities. We also provide people with diabetes, their families, and caregivers the chance to participate in and impact research.

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Cardiac Regeneration Research

Cardiac regeneration is a wide endeavor that uses cutting-edge technologies, such as stem cells and cell-free treatment, to heal irreversibly damaged heart tissue. Reparative technologies have been designed to use the body's inherent capacity to regenerate to repair damaged cardiac tissue and function. Patients and clinicians are working together to develop regenerative treatments that repair, replenish, and recycle the patients' inherent reparative ability. Efforts are underway to produce breakthroughs that will have a global impact on ischemic heart disease thanks to Pepgra's strong vision. Through a diverse community of practice, Pepgra's researchers are spearheading efforts to translate novel findings into usable treatments. As technology advances, persons with cardiovascular illness will be able to regenerate heart tissue from non-cardiac sources and receive individualized products and services.

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