Recipe Development and Testing

Recipe Development and Testing

Our Services

Recipe Development

Healthy Recipes to meet client specifications, from low-fat dishes to diabetic-friendly means, or a 1,800 calorie heart-healthy diet that meet USDA / Canada / NIN or any other guidelines? and even special occasion dessert by incorporating more sustainable ingredients without compromising the taste of the meal.

Healthy menu description that highlight healthy, nutrient-dense and sustainable components

Recipe Book (recipes & pictures of plate presentation)

Menu Development

Menu Development as per nutrition specifications

Incorporating your product into menus to keep it top-of-mind for the consumers

Increasing client base by developing unique menus that can be marketed to a specific population such as people with diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases

We work closely with a wide variety of clients


  • Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants, and Cafes to enhance or create a fresh menu with new or updated concepts
  • Brands and Retailers to promote product and brand, increase customer loyalty and sales with custom recipes showcasing your products
  • Healthcare organisation and wellness groups – assists clients in meeting wellness goals with recipes that are delicious and simple

We customize our service to meet client needs and is priced based on service fees plus the grocery expenses


  • Research and planning (e.g. current menu analysis vs need)
  • Concept development considering your desirable self-cost pricing
  • Approving menu items / recipe
  • Ingredients shopping
  • Recipe development and refinement plus two tests including tasting
  • Self-cost calculation
  • Fixing recipe /menu
  • Recipe writing, editing, formatting of the final recipe
  • Nutrition analyses

We also partner with other professionals for


  • Food photography
  • Food styling

Contact us to discuss your recipe and menu development needs.