Nutrition Expert service

All your wellness needs an Expert

We provide a Nutritional diet plan with DIET KIT FORMULATION, menu labelling and Recipe design and analysis for Restaurants, hospitals, and healthcare centres.

All your wellness needs an Expert

  • FRL Contract Lab offers healthy nutrition diet consultation and diet kit formulation outsourcing services to a chain of restaurants, hospitals /clinics and healthcare centres. It has been well acknowledged that adequate nutrition is essential for optimal individual health and well-being. Our trained nutritionists and dietitians develop meal plan kits and customized recipes that are nutritionally balanced, calorie-controlled meals delicious meals ideal for people with different dietary preferences and needs.
  • Our diet plans, recipes and diet kits are based on strong evidence/science-Based Research that you can be assured with the quantifiable outcome that in turn enhance your overall quality of life and well-being. We offer diet kits with standardized portion sizes along with standard tools and a month’s diet menu planning. For Recipes, our culinary experts offer menu analysis and labelling, design recipe considering the nutrition aspects of the target population and based on recommended dietary guidelines set by the national standards (e.g., NIN ICMR, USDA). Our diet kits are FSMA compliant, ready-to-eat (2-3 minutes), non-GMO and fresh, not frozen.

Offerings of Food research Contract Lab:

  • Pre-made, calorie-controlled diet Kit preparation (1-week to 6-month) depending on the client needs. Our different types of diet kits that we have delivered recently include.
  • Meal Replacement
  • Keto Meal Plans
  • Plant-based Meal Plan
  • Paleo Meal Plan
  • Low Carb Meal plan
  • Protein meal plan
  • Protein Supplements
  • Snacks and desserts
  • Diet kits that decrease appetite lower cravings.
  • Low carbs, Low sugar, Protein-Rich Grab Keto-Friendly Diet
  • All our formulations are made with organic ingredients, low in calories, saturated fats (& overall fat) and sugars
  • Menu labelling, menu development, and food safety management for restaurant

Diet Kit formulation for hospitals and Clinics

We focus on health and satisfaction when it comes to patient food and services. Our professional teams of clinical nutritionists and dieticians, along with food technologists, assist patients in a therapeutic diet based on their clinical needs. Our nutritionists employ a balanced strategy that combines dietary palatability with precisely calculated dietary recommendation levels when formulating diet kits. We have extensive expertise in treating congenital metabolic abnormalities, many gastroenterological illnesses, weight management, cardiac diets, diabetic diets, and maybe even hypoallergenic diets.

We formulate diet kits for the following:

  • Non-therapeutic diet Kit formulation
  • Preventive Management Diet Kit formulation
  • Diet Kits formulation Exclusive for Children
  • Therapeutic Diet kit formulation
  • Liquid diet-clear /Full Liquid diet
  • Soft diet
  • Light diet kit formulation
  • Diet kit for Type 2 diabetes
  • Diet kit for Cardiovascular disorders
  • Diet kit for Acute and chronic renal disease
  • High protein high-calorie diet kit
  • Diet kit for glowing skin

Our Services includes

Diet Kit for Patients Ready-to-Eat or Ready-to-Cook foods

  • With defined portion sizes
  • As per the Recommended Dietary Allowance
  • According to disease specifications
  • With Standard portion tools
  • Educational Booklet

7-day Diet plan With Portion size tools

  • Diet Plan with variations
  • Educational Booklet
  • Portion size standardization

Diet kit formulation for Gym Centres

We offer diet kits for gym centres. Our team of expert’s development healthy diet kits filled with a variety of tasty ingredients, from beans to whole grain oats to lean meats. We use ingredients that are free of hormones or antibiotics. Especially all our potatoes, greens, and legumes completely pesticide-free and non-GMO. Our meals are prepared with passion and ensure quality ingredients filled with vital vitamins and nutrients that can act as building blocks to build a stronger body and a more focused mind.

We help you with :

  • Meal Plans focusing on high protein and low carb.
  • Diet kit formulation
Diet kit formulation for Gym Centres - Food Research Lab
Diet kit formulation for Ayurveda Centres - Food Research Lab

Diet kit formulation for Ayurveda Centres

We also formulate diet kits for Ayurveda chain clinics. Our Ayurvedic experts ensure that your diet plan meets your medicine intake and your preferences. Our formulation ensures Prakrti (qualitative characteristics of the food), Karana (Processing), Samyoga (Mixing), Rashi (The quantity), Desha (Habitat of the person), Kala (time & seasonal variation), Upayoga Samstha (variable digestibility of various foods), Upayokta (the person who takes the food)

We help you with :

  • Satvik diet
  • Rajasik diet
  • Tamasik diet

We also offer a disease-specific diet

  • Diabetes mellitus (madhumeha)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata)
  • Jaundice (kamala)
  • Cardiac disorders and obesity (Hridroga & Sthoulya)
  • Acid peptic disease (Amla Pitta)

Healthy Recipe Design for Restaurant

Restaurants face pressure to meet guests’ nutritional needs when dining out. Customers demand it, but they don’t buy healthy dishes unless they taste great. It is mandatory for the restaurant now to labelling nutrition fact on menus. FRL can assist you with menu labelling, nutritional recommendations, food allergies, and customer trends and preferences. We serve as your insight into what other restaurant industry leaders are doing and which methods are most effective.

We help you with:

  • Menu development (in partnership with restaurant executives and chefs to align with the facility’s vision and satisfy nutrition objectives)
  • Menu consulting (a report on how to optimize your menu’s nutritional potential, as well as ideas for new menu items, adjustments to the menu, and general guidance)
  • Menu analysis (nutrient data analysis for all food and beverage products, including Menu labelling)
  • Allergy Statements

Ingredient Research

We standardize the portion size of food and choose ingredients based on the Science, Shelf life, packaging, and compliance.

Education Materials

Dietary Guidelines helps in healthy eating pattern. Educational materials help in blood pressure control, cholesterol reduction, weight loss and weight management, heart disease, sports participation, food plan for children, cancer, diabetes, and pregnancy.

We provide.

  • Evidence-based instructions Book Let
  • Nutrition Care Manual
  • Meal Preparation – Cookbooks
  • Dietary Guidelines

Meal Planning

Customized Meal Planning
Our meal plans for Early Morning, Breakfast, Pre-Lunch, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner & Before Bed offer various dieter recipes for your best fits.

Our verities of recipes for foods types like

  1. 1.Quick and healthy
  2. Low carb
  3. Keto
  4. Low calories
  5. Kids friendly
  6. Paleo
  7. Vegetarian
  8. Gluten-free
  9. Diabetics
  10. Heart Healthy
  11. Vegan
  12. Budget eating

Diet Kit formulation exclusive for Chronic disease

Here are some instances of health issues with which our research dietitians / Nutritionists can help:

  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Renal Disease
  • High Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Our dieticians will analyze your medical history and evolution of your condition and develop the diet plan.

Diet Plan Kits

Meal kits teach you how to plan and prepare your meals.

  • We prepare you healthy meal kits  according to your dietary needs
  • We can make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and proteins.
  • We send you meals pre-cooked and ready to be heated up.

Our organic meal kit includes alternatives for vegetarians, omnivores, carnivores, gluten-free eaters, and paleo dieters.

Ready to eat food formulation for hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres and restaurants

  • We provide fresh, organic, and healthy ready to eat or cook food with the shelf life of a minimum of 1 month to 6 months, depending on the food type.
  • Our unique freeze-dry technology is accepted worldwide as the best food preservation process, preserving the colour, flavours and freshness without affecting its nutritional value.
  • Our food is preservative-free, which ensures it is a healthy food diet for all kind of people.

Regional and seasonal eating diet plan
(North, West, East and Southern region) for India, UAE, the UK, Europe, ASEAN regions

Diet plans for Regional and seasonal eating plan:

We suggest a diet plan that suits and tell you which foods are best to eat to make your choice wisely.

The general guidelines of the diet recommend that people eat:

  • a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
  • healthful fats, such as nuts, seeds, and olive oil
  • moderate amounts of dairy and fish
  • very little white meat and red meat
  • few eggs

Diet Plan variations

Evidence-Based Diet planning for

  1. Getting enough energy, nourishment, activity, and relaxation to stay healthy.
  2. Getting the proper proportions of meals and balancing various dietary groupings
  3. Depending on your metabolism and exercise levels, consuming the proper calories to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Creating a nutrient-dense, low-calorie diet
  5. Mastering the art of moderation when it comes to high-fat or high-sugar foods
  6. Experimenting with a diverse diet that includes all of the essential components for optimum health