Small Batch Food Production Service

Small Batch Food Services

Small Batch Food

Before you’re ready for full production in a manufacturing unit, you might find that you need a sizeable quantity of your food product for sampling, promotion or market testing. Food Research Lab small-batch food production service delivers you the required quantity of your product.

For sampling and promotion

We find that our clients are interested in testing the samples with customers, retailers or at events, even after finalizing the recipe and prototype model. The required quantity of the product is typically much less than would be made in production. Food Research Lab can help you fill the gap by producing the samples for the client.

Key factors

Food Research Lab will deliver the recipe or the prototype for the client’s satisfaction. If you’re not, don’t worry, we can help you finalise it.
Food Research Lab can make up samples and its varieties for you. Pricing is by specific request, given the variety of products that we could be producing. The product supplied is for sampling only – not for sale. Our clients typically use them for pitching, research, sensory evaluation, marketing events and presentations.

What you need to provide us with

  • Recipe and production method (For specific services only)
  • Packaging specifics – type, weight
  • Labelling requirements
  • Timescale for samples

What we provide

  • Your dream product

Contact us to discuss your recipe and menu development needs.