Removed bitterness from Chilli Sauce

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Removed bitterness from Chilli Sauce

Removed bitterness from Chilli Sauce


Removed bitterness from Chilli Sauce

Reformulation & Shelf-life study

Assignment:  Increase the shelf-life of spicy green chilli sauce

Microbial deterioration of spicy green chilli sauce is of major concern. Any growth of moulds in spicy green chilli sauce results in changes in the organoleptic and microbiological changes which lead to spoilage.

Solution: Sauces were reformulated in the food research lab (FRL) without adding any artificial preservatives and studied for shelf life. Further analysed for the physicochemical, microbiological, organoleptic test and nutritional analysis of the green chilli sauces.

FRL uses the latest technology to predict safety and shelf life models which indicate the effect of different parameters like pH, Aw, moisture content, temperature, antimicrobial ingredients on the shelf life. Final product was validated with samples of consumers and the client. Now the sauces were shelf-stable for 2 years.

Customer Focussed – Ingredient (Enriched Raw material), Nutrients, Nutraceutical Formulation

Evaluation of shelf stability, microbiology, nutrition Analyses, Sensory Testing Rheological properties, and more

customer-commissioned production  – delivery in one batch with full shelf life

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