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The Challenge

What Our client required?

Assignment: Formulation of extruded cereal and has to retaining the crispiness, hardness and porosity in the product. This case study focuses on the formulation of extruded product and the challenges faced during formulation and the solution obtained.


  • Presence of high sugar content

Since heating is one of the processes involved during the extrusion, presence of high sugar content easily causes caramelization which in turn brings a difficulty in extruding the final product through the die.

  • Hardness

The level of moisture has an impact on the extrudate’s functional characteristics, storage conditions, viscosity of the fluid mass, and gelatinization point of the mass being treated.

  • Water hydration (WH)

Water hydration greatly influences the gelatinization and also on the porosity of the extrudate.

What did we do?


  • The sugar content was decreased which thereby lead to easy extrusion of the product which can also be adjusted with sugar coating process.
  • Alternative sweetener can be another way to Overcome this problem.
  • Conditioning of the product was finalized by different trials at different extrusion temperature, henceforth helped us reach the required porosity in the extrudate.
  • This was thereby helpful in increasing the sensorial acceptability of the product.


  • Customer Focused – Ingredient (Enriched Raw material), Nutrients, Nutraceutical Formulation.
  • Evaluation of shelf stability, microbiology, nutrition Analyses, Sensory Testing Rheological properties, and more.