Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Almond Milk


Almond Milk

Wheat Free, Gluten Free but the presence of soluble fibres, phytochemicals and high nutritive value.

Assignment:  Formulation of non-dairy milk alternative using almond milk with extended shelf life.

Solution: Technologists at Food Research Lab, procured raw material, almonds that were suitable for the current formulation. The formulation had several steps that were blanched, non-roasted, partially de-oiled and powdered. The finalized product mimics the semi-skimmed cow’s milk.

Customer Focussed – Ingredient (Enriched Raw material), Nutrients, Nutraceutical Formulation

Evaluation of shelf stability, microbiology, nutrition Analyses, Sensory Testing Rheological properties, and more

customer-commissioned production  – delivery in one batch with full shelf life

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