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  • Ready-to-eat (RTE) food products are pre-cleaned, pre-cooked, and generally packed meals ready to consume without any prior preparation or cooking.
  • Ready-to-eat foods are convenient alternatives to traditional foods that may be eaten at any time and at any meal. And, as the name implies, it offers users the utmost convenience as it could be used as a replacement for a regular diet and have a longer shelf life. It saves consumers at least 50% of their time during the entire meal preparation process because it requires minimal effort, and it’s only a matter of heating their food before it’s ready to consume.
  • Manufacturers are investing resources in producing novel items and giving diversity in the market to capture demand and, as a result, get a larger market share. Our food formulation scientists help in preparing ready-to-eat products by utilizing vegetable-based, cereal-based, meat/poultry using canning, retort, frozen or chilled technology. Our formulation team can help you to create precisely formulated Ready-to-eat food products

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