Our executive leadership team has more than a decade of expertise in the healthcare and nutrition fields.


Ganesan A

Chairman & CEO

Ganesan A., Chief Executive Officer, Guires is a self-made man with humble beginnings. Following brief stints working with a few prestigious organizations, he felt the time was just right to start off on his own. Being a technology and data science expert, he was instrumental in initiating and accelerating technology adoption across all divisions of Guires. He also has vast experience in digital marketing and quality management systems. An exemplary visionary, he was quick to identify a need within the market and the business opportunity it presented.

His strategic choices and commitment were instrumental in shaping the organization ‘Guires’ as it exists today. But that was not the end of the road. In his words, “The day you think you have achieved something is when you eliminate all scope for further growth and development”. His go-to motto is ‘push the limits.

This is what motivates him in a relentless pursuit of other avenues, exploring opportunities for growth. Integrity, dedication and commitment are the high points that keep him going while staying ahead in the business.