Soy Protein For Ready-To-Drink Bverage Formulation

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Soy Protein For Ready-To-Drink Bverage Formulation

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Soy proteins and protein isolates have received increased attention since the FDA approved the soy protein/heart health claim in October 1999. Many beverages containing soy isolates with vanilla, chocolate and juice flavors are gaining popularity with mainstream consumers, as well as health-food consumers. The soy protein health claim, more baby-boomers desiring longevity and excellent health, an increase in lactose-intolerant minorities, and technological breakthroughs in processing and flavouring these products are all factors fueling the success of soy beverages.

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Soy protein, like whey protein, is nutrient-dense. Soy protein has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) that is comparable to animal-derived proteins like beef, milk, and eggs. Based on human amino acid needs and protein digestibility, this score is used to rank protein sources. Whey and soy protein both received a perfect score of 1.0. Soy also contains significant quantities of glutamine and arginine, which are essential for growth hormone release and muscular growth.

Formulating with soy has the added benefit of being able to make health-related claims on the label. Soy protein’s ability to lower blood cholesterol and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease has been studied extensively (CHD).


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