Organic Cold Pressed Oils Extraction Process

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Organic Cold Pressed Oils Extraction Process

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Alternative extraction methods are used due to the disadvantages of the solvent extraction method, which is hazardous and expensive, and causes significant environmental damage. Mechanical systems are used for a variety of reasons, including the aim to acquire high-quality crude oil, environmental concerns, and the system’s adaptability to continuous processes. Mechanical oil extraction has several advantages, including ease of use, rapid realisation of the process, which results in a short process time, use of small quantities of raw materials, application of various oilseeds, and low cost. Also, as a by-product protein, rich press cake is obtained.

Fig.1. Novel Oil Extraction Technologies (Wiley Online

Cold press machine has one inlet that seeds were feed and two exits that obtained oil and a non-oiled cake was exit. In the cold pressing method, the pre-treatment and process parameters applied to the raw material have a significant impact on oil yield. Peeling, drying, solvent, or enzymatic treatment of raw material are examples of pre-processes; process parameters include feeding rate, restriction dye diameter, temperature, and cold rotation speed. Expellers, expanders, and twin-cold systems are the three types of cold presses. Twin-cold systems are now in operation in the laboratory and on a pilot scale, and optimization studies have gained traction. Soybean and cottonseed oil are also employed in the manufacturing of oil from raw materials that do not have a high oil content. The most popular form of cold press is this one. The heating system has become more versatile in response to the use of cold or hot presses. With the spinning cold, the oil separated from the cake is extracted from the slot between the metal bars set at regular intervals.


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