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Instant Tomato sauce/dips Powder

Tomato Chutney


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Today’s Task

What We did Today?

Instant Tomato sauce/dips Powder

Event: Today, I had a plan to work on instant Tomato sauce/dips

How I felt it (initial before executing the actual task): I always love to handle any project that comes with product formulation with innovation

Actual Task: Product formulation


What did I learn?

Tomato chutney is a product with blend of ingredient like tomato, garlic, curry leaves, salt, cold pressed mustard oil, green chilies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, whole red chili. The challenging part with chutney powder was retention of aroma and sauce like consistency. According to studies conducted by Lelise Tilahun Dufera and team tomatoes were pretreated with different agents and dried at 50C and concluded to have better results with 0.5% ascorbic acid. Based on that, Todays trial was planned with alternative drying method of hot air oven with pre-treatment of tomato with 0.5% ascorbic acid at 50C. From the experimental result, it was observed that dried tomato slices pretreated with 0.5% ascorbic acid gave best retention of natural colour and aroma of tomato and also had good textural properties.


What I did Today

Trial 1

Trial  2

Trial  3

Outcome :

Our global Contract R&D had formulated Instant Tomato dips/sauce powder which is ready to mix and consume.



What went well?

The dried tomatoes had good sensorial  score due pre-treatment for its natural flavor retention

What Could I have done better?

The  trial needs to be further improved on taste basis by reducing sweetner and enhancing more tomato flavour.