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Instant Coconut Chutney Mix

Coconut Chutney


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Today’s Task

What We did Today?

Instant Coconut Chutney Mix

Event: Today, I had the plan to work on an Instant Coconut chutney mix

How I felt it (initial before executing the actual task): Innovations are welcome in the Food Research Lab, and I love formulating products with great enthusiasm. 

Actual Task: Product formulation


What did I learn?

The Instant coconut chutney is a blend of desiccated coconut flour, Roasted gram dal, and green chilli & salt. Coconut chutney is a popular South Indian side dish. This chutney comes in various levels of spiciness, so this chutney goes well with a wide range of foods. Three things to remember when preparing coconut chutney, i.e. the addition of ingredients, seasoning, and enhancing flavour. Creating an instant coconut chutney mix was challenging. Roasting the ingredients to perfection is essential for making premium chutney powder. The dal should develop a pleasant aroma and turn into a light brown colour. Since the coconut contains a lot of moisture, it should be thoroughly roasted over a medium flame until dry, lest the moisture causes spoilage. Once all the ingredients were collected, the coconut chutney was made with desiccated coconut, roasted gram dal, green chilli, and salt. Since it was a powdered product, it had a longer shelf life; then, it was stored at ambient temperature for shelf-life analysis. 


What I did Today

Trial 1

Trial  2

Trial  3

Outcome :

Our global Contract R&D had formulated  Instant Coconut Chutney Mix  which is ready to mix and consume.



What went well?

The product turned out well since it was prepared after the lab trials. However, improvement in the flavour could be made after further trials. 

What Could I have done better?

A better formulation could have been prepared with an improved texture.