Typical project overview – Food Research lab

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Typical project overview

Typical project overview


Food Research Lab has a successful standard step-by-step process to focus more on the client’s requirements. In order to provide consistency and on-time product delivery, a benchmark process is always mandatory, and we are proud to have one

Step 1: Initial discussion to understand the client’s requirement and providing subsequent information about Food Research Lab’s offering


Step 2: Signing a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement continued by a detailed discussion – ideally face-to-face but can be done by Skype/phone


Step 3: Food Research Lab will provide you with a detailed proposal with expenses


Step 4: The product development process will move according to the accepted time frames


Step 5: All activities will be followed with respect to the agreed proposal.


Step 6: Weekly updates provided (or to your ideal timing) to avoid surprises.


Step 7: Invoicing once-a-month for work delivered to you

Contact us to discuss your Food Prototype Service needs.