Finance Manager – Finance and Accounts


Goal 1: Trailed product formulation (40%)

  • Develop trailed products with various variation
  • To prepare the trailed products within the set timeline.
  • Meet client’s expectation

Goal 2: Sensory analysis of the product (20%)

  • To assist the head in choosing the panel members for sensory analysis
  • To perform sensory analysis of all the products
  • To help in the preparation of score card
  • To help in consolidating the reviews

Goal 3: Report making (20%)

  • To document the overall work flow and process

Goal 4: Procurement of raw materials (10%)

  • Prepare the list of ingredients & other raw materials required for the project
  • Separate the list into two sections- one for the online and local market
  • Quality check the products and proceed with the online procurement

Goal 5: Quality Check (10%)

  • Quality to check all the trailed product
  • Quality check all the procurement
  • Practice GLP


  • Development of trailed products in various formulation
  • Sensory evaluate the products
  • To consolidate the reviews and also work on the feedbacks
  • To assist in report making and documentation work related to FRL.
  • Quality check for the ingredients, raw materials and equipment
  • Practice strict GLP

Required Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance MBA-finance and CPA candidate is preferable

Job position Code: FT004J

Job Title: Food Formulation Scientist – Trainee

Department: Food Research Lab

Reports To: COO

Job Grade:: PE1

Work Schedule:
Full Time (Flexible Timings), Monday – Saturday (except second Saturday)

Skills Required:

  • Strategic and analytical skills
  • Good communication skill
  • Industry specific knowledge & Industrial experience
  • Basic financial statement
  • Budget Preparation
  • Financial analysis of capital invested
  • Financial reporting
  • Excellent problem solving
  • Developing external relationships with appropriate contacts
  • Managing financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems
  • Leadership skill
  • Technical skills

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