Recent Regulations on Food recipe development: An European perspective

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Recent regulations on food recipe

Recent Regulations on Food recipe development: An European perspective

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  • Regulatory measure to maintain the quality of food recipes in European countries.
  • Food and beverage producing industries should come with new product development in the market with healthy foods.
  • The food manufacturers in the UK are challenged to prepare good food with great taste and nutrition content despite this COVID and the food should supply a greater immunity to the people to overcome this pandemic.


Food is the ultimate source of building immunity in our bodies. Despite this COVID, many people in Europe are suffered from starvation. It is also mandatory for the people of Europe to consume food with health and hygiene. It should be get approved by the FDA standards. Healthy food is needed for a healthier life. Many people survived after COVID is mainly because of healthy food. It a mandatory for all the food development company to check the safety of consumers. New product development in the food industry should have certain rules and regulations that are going to be discussed in this topic.

Enjoy taste in every bite

Hurry up! All the recipe development services and food development consultants to mouth water the consumer with great taste. They should come with a variety of recipes. Not only in foods but also add a beverage so that the joy of food can be experienced completely. At the same time, the beverage recipe development should be only made more healthily. Out of all, there are certain regulations to be followed by food industry companies that are followed while processing food according to the European government.

Permission to food sources

According to the EUROPEAN UNION, the source of food can be accessed by certain regulatory affairs as follows:

  1. EU MS ( European Union Member States)

The regulation of food laws is controlled by this EU MS in regards to FIC  ( Food Information Council) consisting of law members. It does not cover all aspects of food laws, it mainly checks the nutritional content and labeling in the food, and it is done to see the supplements added to food and the requirements of the customers.

  • EuroFIR guideline for recipe development

They will collect data from the nutritional declaration from the EU. This guideline is translated into other European languages. They will take the food intake data by the consumers and retention time and analyze the chemicals used. It also calculates the vitamin and minerals contained in the recipe. On the other part, the recipe document is put into an excel sheet consisting of food requirements intolerance, calculation of water content, proximities, etc.This process is cost-effective but has a clear validation of the nutrients supply to the weight changes in the human, manufacturing period, expiry date, and a clear validation of the chemicals.

All this information is stored in the EuroFIR databank system

Why chemical analysis is not used?

Food recipe by chemical analysis will give the most precise results but it is very difficult to perform and the cost to perform the chemical analysis is comparatively high.

Public health benefits from these regulations

  • People will consume only healthy foods
  • Economic social crisis or pandemic
  • Children will grow up in a healthy environment
  • Certain diseases affecting young age people can be avoided
  • The food product development companies can prove themselves among the competitors and give qualitative food to the customers

Inevitable exceptions

However, the above-mentioned regulations cant be followed by all the beverage development companies and food product development companies during some unavoidable criteria. For example, cough syrup contains alcoholic content a little more than drafted by the UK regulations. However, it can be neglected. At the same time, all the food and beverages should be produced

in a healthier way.

Food in restaurants

The food in restaurants should be very clean hygiene with a good ambiance. The restaurant menu consultants should develop the restaurant menu. The presentation of food is as much as important as the preparation of food. Recipe developing services should look after that too.

Concluding that all the food development companies and beverage developing companies should come up with a new product with variety of food recipes.

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