Applications of food seasoning food industries

Applications of food seasoning food industries

Applications of food seasoning food industries

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  • The food industry is the most significant industry around the globe. Apart from all the production and processing techniques of food, food seasoning technique plays a significant role in our day to day life.
  • Valuating the nutrient content, quality of the food contributes most to the food industry whereas food seasoning contributes much least but as a necessary one. Various cuisines are articulated based upon the herb done in their kitchen.
  • Food research lab s here to guide you in understanding the food seasoning applications


            Food seasoning is one of the essential techniques in Cookery, especially for New product development in the food industry. Various spices, herbs, and oils are used to season the food to bring out a pleasant tempting aroma, taste, and enhance the full flavour of the food. Food seasoning differs from continent to continent. Asia is the largest producer of wide varieties of food seasoning ingredients. Food product development consultant should approach with the recipe development services.

Food seasoning

            Food seasoning is the primary factor to study the richness of cuisine. Also, it has several other added advantages attached to it. The herbs and condiments used in the seasoning of food found to possess comprehensive nutrient benefits with them. The addition of certain seasoning ingredients like salt alters the texture of the food. It useful for beverage recipe development in the food product development companies.

Marketing values

            The overall market value of seasonings and spices has risen to USD 14 billion by 2020. Asia-pacific countries like Japan, China, Thailand, India, Vietnam, etc., play a vital role in the marketing aspects of food seasonings. In the name of organic foods, foodstuffs are getting sold at high costs, in which food seasoning plays a significant role in the food development company.

            With prevailing competition between the industries on exporting food seasonings, they employ various marketing strategies and changing their perception towards the target industries and consumers. Many industries are making them global by building their separate factories and outlets in target locations. For example, Kerry group has created a production facility in Tumkur, India food product development.

            Studies concluded that the growth rate of demands for seasonings ingredients would be 6.3% between 2020 and 2027. In this Asia pacific leads in the seasoning and spices market by contributing a share of 35%.           The market value of pepper values about USD 4 billion. Also, the market value of Cinnamon is overlooked to gain 6.5% more revenue in the global market due to its massive demand for its medicinal value in reducing body sugar level.         The growth of meat and poultry simultaneously increases the demand for seasoning ingredients. It is said that an American person on average, consumed about 90 lbs of chicken in a year.

            One more factor that influencing the seasonings market in the global market is consumers’ preference towards homemade seasons. Also, the urban areas witnessing hectic lifestyles.     The seasoning materials are clubbed with other ingredients or modified to certain other products like garam masala, garlic powder, amchur powder, etc., restaurant menu development. The packaging of these materials also plays a vital role in marketing. Since all spices are organic, fungus tends to contaminate them easily. Therefore, most of the herbs are dehydrated, and the moisture content is removed.

            Recipe development services, the flavour is a critical factor in marketing dynamics. When the ingredients are not processed correctly, their flavour and aroma will cease out. For example, if the spices like pepper, Cinnamon are dried at high temperatures than the optimum value, they may get burnt, and they will lose all the aroma contained with them.

Medicinal values

            In southeast Asian counties, food seasoning is done mainly to enhance the medicinal values in the food. Even the spices are used separately in their traditional medicines for curing disease. For example, ginger and garlic together are used to cure stomachache and nausea, and Turmeric is applied to wounded regions on the body.

            The food preserving potential of the spices is also considered to be a significant factor. Certain herbs possess antimicrobial, antifungal, insecticidal properties. They, in nature, acts as food colourants too.


            Apart from the main ingredients that we use in our kitchen, food seasoning ingredients play a significant role. Psychologically, they induce positive thoughts and make us feel good. They not only help in bringing up the taste, but the flavour also gives a rich experience on having that food and stick as a benchmark of the cuisine. Food research lab listed the applications of seasoning



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