Protein-based beverages

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Protein-based beverages

  • Protein is an important nutrient. The earlier main source of daily protein intake comes from meat and animal products, but its consumption is declining steadily across the globe. Consumers who follow vegetarian or vegan diets need high-quality protein from plant sources. This led to the formulation of a wide variety of protein-based beverage categories.
  • Pepgra’s food research lab, our food formulation scientists, formulate innovative protein-based beverages targeting vegan and vegetarian segments with new flavours and innovative ingredients. With our dedicated contract R&D lab, you can trial new varieties and roll our new formulations. Pepgra’s scientific food & nutraceutical expertise partners to create winning products that meet the above requirements.
Protein-based beverages

Pepgra’s FRL can be the right fit for your Protein-based beverages because we.

  • We build our prototype with the use of real, clean, fresh and authentic ingredients (such as free from an allergen, no pesticide/chemicals/toxins, non-GMO, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, and minimally processed) without compromising on sensory appeal.
  • No complex labelling disgusting ingredients in the formulation. We offer clean labelling with maximum transparency around any health claims by replacing fewer desirable ingredients with label-friendly ingredients.
  • Our prototype meets your sensory within the sphere of physical and scientific possibility by using a unique combination of ingredients without negatively affecting their colour, taste, texture and shelf life.
  • Our prototype meets your sensory within the sphere of physical and scientific possibility by using a unique combination of ingredients
  • A prototype that meets the regulatory requirement that governs food processing, including those established by the local and international regulations (e.g., FDA, EU regulations )
  • An evidence-based prototype that specifically meets the targeted consumer base's nutritional requirements as per the recommended dietary allowances. This includes reduced sugar content (e.g., use of Stevia and erythritol) and low calories with added functional benefits.
  • Functional and Health claims as per the regulatory norms (e.g., no added artificial colours or flavors, and low in sugar)

We develop protein-based beverages using plant-based ingredients such as oats, coconut water, birch water, various herbs, and milk substitutes. We use fresh and clean ingredients with new flavours that are preferred by today’s consumers. Our team also superfoods including turmeric, beet, rosehip, haskapberry and moringa to the product for people concerned about their health and wellness. We can formulate beverages by serving the trend of mindful consumption, such as beauty drinks with collagen, carrot mix juices, beverages with haskapberry, near water beverages, and milk-based High protein smoothies for weight management and to meet calcium needs. We also research protein-rich raw materials such as pea protein and whey protein ingredients to make them suitable for use in high-protein foods and beverages.

Besides, our formulation also ensures retaining freshness while at the same retaining the nutritional properties of the ingredients. For instance, we replace sugar with natural alternative sweeteners, cold-pressed juices, and fortifications at the same retaining its natural flavors. Depending on the type of application, we research and incorporate different types of flavours and sugar alternatives, add dietary fibre, and modify its structure and textural property through different processing methods.

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