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Glycaemic Response Initiatives

Glycaemic Response Initiatives

The main focus of the Food and Beverage industry is on the glycaemic index (GI), sustained energy release and glycaemic food response. Scientific evidence suggests that the prevention and treatment of a number of chronic diseases can be beneficial with a low glycaemic index, reduced glycaemic and insulinaemia response. As a result, the manufacturer is increasingly interested in studying, understanding and measuring the GI of their product.

The glycaemic index is a type of food contains excessive carbohydrates as it can increase one’s blood sugar level upon taking over the period of time. Food Research Lab offers expert analysis for a range of products and has successfully assisted numerous companies during the product development process. We have dedicated nutritionist, experienced dieticians and researchers to work for us. Our focus is on quality assurance, troubleshooting and compliance with legal standards.


Key features of our service

  • Testing to the highest recognized standard (WHO/FAO 1998)
  • Approved by an independent ethics committee
  • High degree of accuracy using the latest in glucose-analysing equipment
  • Additional testing to analyse available carbohydrate content and insulin response
  • Efficient turnaround time

You can request the following for each product

  • The exact methodology used
  • GI values and rating (low, medium or high)
  • Graphical interpretation of results

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