Protein Based Sweet Ladoo

A client from New Delhi came to Food Research Lab and enquired about our services. They were greatly impressed by our product portfolio. They wanted to develop a food product readily available in departmental stores and other easily accessible platforms. At the same time, they tried to formulate a day-to-day product that could act as an immunity booster and health supplement.

Generally, people in India are fond of consuming sweet ladoo shaped desserts. Food Research Lab focused on creating a healthy ladoo with ingredients such as Sprout wheat, ragi, jowar, green gram, black gram,corn, chickpeas, horse gram, cowpeas, etc.

The ladoo had immunity boosting effects. In general, children and people can consume this ladoo as a dessert and yet get health benefits out of it.

Our client was amazed by the overall sensory attribute of the product, but majorly the health benefits the product provided. Consumers can switch from junk food to this healthy snack which has a positive health effect.

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Protein Based Sweet Ladoo
Protein Based Ladoo

Aids in illness prevention: The product is a low-glycemic index dish that is ideal for diabetes. It cleanses and detoxifies the gut of greasy foods, constipation, and acidity. It lowers blood pressure and maintains blood sugar levels under check. Its high fibre content is beneficial to persons with elevated cholesterol.

Food Research Lab is an expert when it comes to formulating and developing functional food products- food products that promote overall health and wellness of the consumers.